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Pics from the International Tournament

Newly installed Shuffleboard courts at Elanora
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Elanora Shuffleboard Centre
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Senior Vice-President
Thomas Marling
Tel: (07) 5524 7945
E-mail: thomas@marling.wow.aust.com

Malcolm Crowder
Tel: 0011.61.7 5572 2940
Fax :0011.61.7.5572.6934
E-mail: malou@hotkey.net.au

Joanne Jannsen
Tel:0011.61.7 5599 9859


International Shuffleboard Association

2nd Vice president and Australian Representative
Malcolm Crowder
25 Firman Court, Mermaid Waters
Queensland, Australia 4218
Tel: 0011.61.7 5572 2940
Fax: 0011.61.7.5572.6934
E-mail: malou@hotkey.net.au


Shuffleboard Sites in Queensland

Coolangatta:     3rd Floor, (Overlooks beach) " Showcase on the Beach",
Griffiths Street. - Six (6)courts.

Hope Island:   " Lion Haven" Retirement Resort. - Two (2) courts.

South Stradbroke Island:   "Couran Cove" Special "Eco" resort/hotel.
Take ferry from Runaway Bay. - (3) Three courts.

Elanora:          Elanora Park. - Ten (10) courts.


Australian Shuffleboard History

Feb. 1991     Six (6) courts constructed on the roof at "Showcase on the beach",

May 1991    Inaugural Australian shuffleboard tournament arranged by the president of                      the International Shuffleboard Association and Malcolm Crowder in Australia.
                     Teams from USA & Canada Participated.

Oct. 1991     Four Australians attended the International World Tournament at Mesa, Arizona, USA

1991-1993    Shuffleboard played on a regular social basis at Coolangatta.

Sept. 1993    Australian Shuffleboard Association Queensland was incorporated
                      with 25 inaugural members and this marked the commencement of Shuffleboard as
                      formal sport in Australia.

Nov. 1993     The first international shuffleboard singles tournament organized
                      by the Australian Shuffleboard Association in association with Shuffleboard Development
                      Consultants Australia.This involved players from Canada, USA and Australia.

June 1995     The Ashes Tournament. A team event between Australia and England.
                      Australia won the tournament.

1997              Two (2) Shuffleboard courts constructed at the "Lions Haven" retirement resort on Hope

1997              Shuffleboard included in the Masters Games on the Gold Coast as a demonstration sport.

May 1998      Three(3) Shuffleboard courts constructed at "Couran Cove resort on South                        Stradbroke Island.

June 1998     Ten shuffleboard courts constructed at Elanora by the Gold Coast City Counsil to enable
                       Australia to host the International World Shuffleboard Tournament in year 2001.

August 2001: Hosted International World Tournament


Courts and Supplies

For all your shuffleboard needs including court construction, transportable courts and a full supply of any shuffleboard equipment locally manufactured and imported from the USA. We are also interested in hearing from anyone in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands who may be interested in establishing and operating agencies for shuffleboard court construction and equipment supplies.

Malcolm & Louise Crowder
25 Firman Court, Mermaid Waters, QLD 4218
Tel: 0011.61.7 5572 2940
Fax :0011.61.7.5572.6934
E-mail: malou@hotkey.net.au

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