Introduction to Caves and the Toronto Caving Group

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Caves are natural underground cavities that are big enough for humans to enter. Worldwide, they range from tiny holes just big enough for one person, to vast systems with over 100 km of passage. In Ontario, about 400 caves are known. Most of these are small, and only a handful have as much as 1 km of passage.

Cavers are people who like going into caves, and have some experience at this. Cavers keep going caving for a variety of reasons, including the physical challenge, seeing pretty rock formations, exploration, mapping, photography, testing equipment, and just the desire to be in these special places.

The Toronto Caving Group is the Toronto-area club for cavers. Founded in 1967, it is one of the oldest continuously-active caving clubs in Canada. It is also the largest caving club in Ontario, with about 80 members. Its members cover the complete range from very casual cavers to highly experienced and very serious cavers. Everyone with an interest in caves fits somewhere in the TCG. Beginners and non-members are welcome at most TCG events, including all general meetings.

Each year, TCG volunteers organize a variety of events. The caving trips published in our newsletter "The Toronto Caver" and by e-mail include 4 beginners' trips to caves west of Toronto, a trip to West Virginia most long weekends from Easter to Thanksgiving (lots of big caves there), other trips to caves in Ontario, New York, etc., plus a few related trips that aren't actually caving, such as ropework on cliffs. The year's social events include 4 general meetings (in November, February, May, and August), the Christmas Party, and the Winter Party and Auction. The TCG also holds workshops and practice sessions on caving techniques such as lamp maintenance, cave mapping, and vertical rope work (SRT).

The TCG owns caving equipment and books for use by members. The equipment includes cable ladders, ropes, surveying instruments, and hardhat-and-headlamp sets. The library is extensive, and includes books, periodicals, DVD's, videotapes, and other materials.

For more information on the Toronto Caving Group, look around this web site, write to the above address, contact any of the people listed under "Caving Group Contacts", or attend the next general meeting.

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