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Most recent update: 19 July 2018
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August 4-7 (Civic Holiday weekend) --- Caving in Eastern Adirondacks

There will be a second TCG sponsored caving trip to the Eastern Adirondacks, NY over the Civic Holiday weekend. Some of the caves we will be visiting require long hikes (>2 miles) to reach their entrance(s), so it is important that you are in good health and physical shape. Some caves will require vertical gear and ability. For more details and/or to sign up for this trip, please contact me via email or telephone at raymond.macneil[at] or 647-688-2762, respectively. This is the last trip I will lead before I depart for British Columbia on August 17th. In fact, I will have officially resigned as a TCG executive by the end of this month.

-Ray MacNeil

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